Legal Name Change Announcement

To reflect on the continued growth of our pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs businesses and on the expansion of territories covered we have implemented a marketing differentiation strategy and introduced a new brand Insuvia (www.insuvia.com). The new brand will represent our pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs business and will become the primary brand of our company.

As a result, our legal name was changed from UAB “Baltic Clinical Research” to “Insuvia”, UAB with immediate effect. From now on, BalticCRO (www.balticCRO.com) becomes a sub-brand of insuvia group (“Insuvia”, UAB) and will henceforth be used to market our clinical research services.

Besides the change of our legal name and brand differentiation, our company as such remains unchanged. It is still registered in the State Enterprise Centre of Registers of the Republic of Lithuania, with registration number 303249209, VAT LT100009150711 and legal address of Jonavos 30, LT-44262 Kaunas. The ownership of the company has not changed either. Therefore, all contractual and billing transactions will continue unchanged, except for the new company name, which is to be mentioned on all future invoices and legal documents.

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